The Nutrition Pyramid - Vital For Your Body

As we grow older so it is important that we provide our bodies with sufficient amounts of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. One of the best way of ensuring that this is done is by using the nutrition pyramid.

This is a food plan which provides you with a list of foods that are not only considered to be healthy, but will also provide your body with what it needs in order for it to function. Below we take a look at the levels that make up the pyramid and the foods which come into each of these.

Base of the Pyramid - This includes those foods which contain complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, cereal and grains. All of which provide the body with energy which it needs. Plus these are essential especially in those people who choose to go with a very low fat diet plan. It is recommended that on average a person should be aiming to have between 6 and 11 servings of the foods in this group and this part of the pyramid each day.

Level 1 - This is where the fruit and vegetables are situated within the pyramid. On average, you will need to be trying to eat between 3 and 5 servings of these each day. Not only are these foods rich in nutrients but they are an excellent source of Vitamins which are vital to our body being able to function correctly. A cup of cooked or raw vegetables or one apple or banana constitutes a serving.

Level 2 - In this section of the pyramid this is where you will find the meat, dairy products, fish, beans and eggs. Where as with the first two levels you daily intake is quite high with this part of the pyramid it is recommended that you have only between 2 or 3 servings of these in a day. The meat that you eat should be lean and for all these foods you should aim to make up a serving of around 2 ounces of what ever one it is you have chosen to eat.

Level 3 - Is made up of those foods which you should have very little of. In this group, you will find those foods, which contain fat and oil as well as sweet ones. The reason that you should not include too much of these in your diet are that they provide you with very few nutritional items and instead will provide you with more calories. So cut down on the oil you use when cooking and the sodas.

The reason why one should not cut out fat foods from their diet is that they actually protect the organs in the body by providing them with padding. Also these foods are essential at helping your skin and nails to remain healthy. The best kinds of oils to include within your diet if you need to use them are olive and canola ones.

If you keep in mind the recommendations made by the nutrition pyramid then you will find that your body will remain fit and healthy as you grow older. You may well discover that by incorporating this into your dietary requirements you will see some improvements in your energy levels and the way your body looks.


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