One Man's Meat Your Personal Poison

What we like to eat has long been a topic of fascination, and not just at the dining table. For example, why is it that parents who love eating meat can end up with children who prefer vegetables? This peculiarity becomes more interesting when it comes to identical twins. One twin may absolutely relish red wine. Yet it is entirely possible that when it comes to choosing something off the drinks menu, the other twin prefers something non-alcoholic. So it would seem that there is just no accounting for taste.

Since preferences for food can vary even among family members, the difference in taste across borders is even greater. That is why food manufacturers are very mindful when it comes to serving the same food in different parts of the world. This same attention to detail goes beyond how the food is prepared. It also extends all the way to how the food is photographed and packaged. Of course it is also true that religious practices determine what can be enjoyed.

However, that does not explain why the same dish is sometimes prepared so differently in another part of the world. Take the simple example of French fries. In most parts of the world, folks like their fries crispy. However, in one European country, the preference is to the contrary - almost to the point of being soft and soggy. Still on the subject of fries (or chips, as some people insist on calling them), in Asia, it is quite common for an order of fries to be accompanied by a packet or two of chilli sauce. In London however, requests for chilli sauce with fries will be met with quizzical looks of bewilderment.

While variety may be the spice of life, it can also cause great misunderstanding. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than haggis. In Scotland, it is a national favourite. However, elsewhere in the world, people simply cannot understand the fascination associated with eating food cooked in a sheep's stomach.

Appetite preferences aside, it would also seem that the same food can affect people differently. How else do we explain those who always manage to look trim and fit despite constantly gorging on chocolates and devouring junk food?

One common source of explanation offered by these hugely-envied people is genetics. These people claim that because of their genes, they never have to exercise or diet to look good. Another common tip given by the slim crowd is that they not only watch what they eat - they also watch when they eat. Those who subscribe to this theory insist that even the slightest morsel consumed after 8pm will go straight to the waist. At the same time, a recent article in a leading international journal reported that just making friends with fat people will inevitably make you fat.
So what should you do? For those who have tried everything to achieve a slimmer figure and not enjoyed much success, there is now something that's readily available wherever you are. It's easy, fast and narrows waistlines without narrowing your circle of friends.

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