Fast Food Nutrition Is For Fat People

Why are so many Americans obese? It's simple, they lack nutritional education and simply most of the food that they consume on a daily basis includes almost no nutritional content whatsoever.

I am primarily talking about fast food and other processed foods, which unfortunately have become the staple of many people's diets. Eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables seems like a thing of the past.

When director Morgan Spurlock first began his Academy Award nominated documentary regarding the dietary damage caused by the lack of nutritional value in fast food, many were skeptical about the end result. For many Americans, daily nutrition is derived from at least one fast food meal per day. An examination of the obesity rate in the United States is direct proof that fast food nutrition is an oxymoron.

Spurlock Challenges Fast Food Nutrition

"Super Size Me," Spurlock's documentary film that followed a thirty day time period in which Spurlock himself ate only items purchased from the fast foot mogul, McDonalds. The purpose of this film was to document how Spurlock's life and body changed when he existed on a diet made entirely of fast food.

The goal of this documentary was to examine by example how fast food nutrition was affecting America. The requirements of the film were specific: Spurlock could only eat off of the McDonald's menu, he had to eat three meals a day and he had to sample every item on the menu at least once. Following these guidelines, he consumed an average of 5,000 calories per day during the experiment.

Thirty Days Challenged Years Of Fast Food Nutritional Arguments

Prior to beginning the creation of Super Size Me, Spurlock was a healthy 32-year-old male. He stood 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighed 185.5 pounds. He ate a healthy well-rounded diet that included vegan evening meals.

At the end of the thirty days he had gained over 24 pounds and increased his body mass index (BMI) 13%. His BMI rose from the healthy range of 23.2 to and overweight level of 27. The weight that he gained in thirty days took him over fourteen months to lose.

Not only that the doctor's told him that if he continued any longer he was running the risk of liver failure. Yes, that is right eating fast food for thirty days had the same effect on his liver as an extreme alcohol binge.

America Watches In Horror, Then Goes To McDonalds For Dinner

In 2004 when Super Size Me, was released, America watched in horror with the realization of how much their weight issues actually stemmed from their own ignorance and lack of concern. Suddenly America was aware of the danger that existed in every fast food restaurants on every corner is every city; fast food equaled fast fat.

Dinner parties, weight loss meetings, parent groups and water coolers around the country were buzzing with the reality that had been exposed in the fast food documentary. It appeared that America might change its practice of fast food consumption and begin to actively battle against the obesity epidemic that was spreading across the nation.

However, sadly, while the 2004 scare brought about short-term results, the last impact was not what it was hoped it would be. There are many new menu items that offer healthier choices, but people need to realize that even a salad, when it is shipped across the country, handled dozens of times and covered in fatty dressing is almost as bad as the cheeseburgers and fries.

Also people seem to have taken the attitude that it is okay to eat fast food because they don't eat it "every" meal like Mr. Spurlock did. Let me be clear on this he made an excellent point on what that food does to your body, it simply doesn't matter if you eat it once a day or three times a day.

That food is ruining your health and your body. If you want to be healthy as well as look and feel good you should never eat fast food.

What In the world do you have in life if you don't have your health. Wake up America!
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