Xylitol's Healthy Sister

Xylose is one of the 8 essential nutrients known as a glyconutrient. The others are:

* Mannose * Glucose * Galactose * Xylose * Fucose (not fructose) * N-acetylglucosamine * N-acetylneuramic acid * N-acetylgalactosamine

Xylose is a saccharide used by the body in cellular communication. It is absorbed into the blood stream through the walls of the small intestine. It is then carried to the liver and metabolized. Other tissues and organs make use of it, for example the kidneys, muscles and fat. A certain amount is excreted in the urine when there is more than the body can use.

Xylose helps the body's immune system fight against infections, disease and toxins. It also helps the digestive tract and enables the body to absorb more nutrients, by helping the growth of "friendly flora" in the intestines. This also helps to strengthen the immune system.

Scientists are studying this important glyconutrient intently, as part of the research known as Glycobiology. Only during the last 10 years has research been done into this vital set of nutrients.

They are part of the complex food group known as carbohydrates. Due to their complexity the carbohydrate food group has been neglected for many years.
It was thought that carbohydrates and sugars were the main culprits in obesity but now we are discovering the enormous benefits to the body of certain carbohydrate group. As well as being the main source of energy to the body other facts are emerging about this food group.

With the advent of technologies like the electron microscope scientists have been able to unlock the various components of Carbohydrates and research into the different elements of the glyconutrients.

Glyconutrients have been found to not only aid the body in its fight against disease and toxins but to have healing properties as well.

The research all began with the examination of the ancient healing plant the Aloe Vera. This plant has been known for centuries for its healing properties and medicinal worth. During the last decade scientists have managed to minutely examine and analyze the ingredients in the plant that have enabled it to be so medicinally beneficial. As they go deeper into glycobiology, more will be discovered about glyconutrients like Xylose.

Mannatech has been a leader in this research and has developed a whole line of nutritional supplements using glyconutrients. One of the most important of these is Ambrotose. This supplement is used widely to ensure that we get enough of these glyconutrients and enable us to improve our health and lead a fuller life.

Note: Glyconutrients are not intended to heal, treat, or cure any disease.
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