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Jeffrey Smith recently released a book called Genetic Roulette. You'll recognize his name as the author of the best-selling book Seeds of Deception which addresses the dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods. Quite by accident, Jeffrey Smith has quickly become a world leader on the fight against unsafe GM foods, because he takes his passionate message to political leaders around the world.

In his effort to change the way the world views genetically modified (GM) foods, Jeffrey Smith ran for congress, worked at a Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) detection laboratory as Vice-President of Marketing, and traveled the world speaking to political leaders about his book, Seeds of Deception. After all that work, Jeffery Smith still felt his message wasn't reaching its target audience. His book read too much like a novel, and political leaders didn't have time for that.

Jeffrey Smith knew there must be some way to get his message out. He met with over 30 scientists during the course of a two year period to gather materials for Genetic Roulette. Genetic Roulette is a unique book that has facts for political leaders on one side of the page and references for scientists on the other side of the page. The book documents 65 of the health risks associated with GM foods. So what ARE GM foods, exactly?

GM foods are made from GM organisms. When an organism is created by merging the DNA of two unrelated organisms, a new, genetically modified organism is the result. An example of this is when DNA from a spider is put into a goat to modify milk production, yeilding milk high in spider proteins. This milk could theoretically be used to produce bullet proof vests. Another example is adding the DNA of bacteria and viruses to plants with the intention of producing pesticides and making crops that are resistant to herbicides.

Eating foods like wheat bread or corn chips that are produced from GM wheat and corn crops presents a health crisis. The digestive tract of humans can quickly become the breeding ground for new pesticides. The goal of GM food scientists is to create new crops that are resistant to hazards. Better crops means more food for a starving world. The problem is that the research is still in a primitive stage. Eating these foods can be like playing roulette with your health.

Jeffrey Smith spends his time proving to people that companies are more concerned about the bottom line than they are about long-term health risks of their foods. The quicker they can get their GM foods on the market, the quicker they'll begin making a profit.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was created to protect us from unsafe foods, so why aren't FDA leaders doing anything to stop unsafe foods from making it to market? The 1992 FDA policy claims that the agency is "Not aware of any information showing that the foods created from these methods differ in any meaningful or uniform way." That means that the FDA is taking a hands-off approach. They're not going to require any special testing because they believe GM products are the same as natural ones.

Many scientists, including those who have worked for the FDA in the past, all agree that GM foods cause allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. Some scientists have tried to warn superiors, but they have been ignored.

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