Dangers Of Microwave Cooking

Yes, there is no doubt that the microwave oven was one of the eighties hottest must have kitchen appliances. Do you remember how much the first ones cost to own? Look how cheap and common place they have become since. Sure heating foods and liquids in seconds, not minutes, has caused most people to abandon any intuitively negative thought they may have had in suspecting radiation cooking to be bad for you. Due to this convenience factor, denying and not acknowledging the danger is normal. But, there are reasons why the sale of these appliances was banned early on in countries like the Soviet Union.

One of the worst outcomes of microwaved food is not so much the radiation factor, as most people feared, but the almost complete (97%) nutrient loss in healthy fresh food like vegetables, for instance, when micro-cooked. There is also the formation of new radiolytic compounds. This chemical structure change in foods and liquids has been the focus of a few studies done to determine what kinds of changes occur in microwaved foods. Rest assured, however, that although the studies have been few, the changes discovered have been significant.

Hans Hartel, a swiss food scientist, is a man of intense passion, he determined that there is no need to violate the laws of nature by corporate man and his state-supported monopolies in science, technology, or education. Hans was one of the first scientists to form an idea to conduct a quality study on the effects of microwaved nutrients had on the blood and physiology of human beings. This small but well-controlled study pointed a very firm finger at a highly degenerative force in microwave ovens and the food produced in them.

Blood samples of the volunteer test subjects were taken before the ingestion of the foods offered. Then, at predetermined intervals after the eating of raw milk and raw vegetables, or the same food conventionally cooked, or microwaved.

What was eye-opening, and rather shocking, was that there were significant changes discovered in the blood samples of the test subjects who had ate the foods cooked in a microwave oven. These changes included a decrease in all hemoglobin and cholesterol values, especially between the HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values and ratio.

White blood cells also showed a more distinct short-term decrease after eating microwaved food than opposed to eating food conventionally cooked or raw. Hartel's conclusion was this, due to extensive scientific literature describing the different hazardous effects that microwave radiation has on living systems, it is astonishing what little effort has been made to replace this technology with something more nature friendly.

From the conclusions of Swiss, Russian, and German scientific studies, here are 10 good reasons to ditch your microwave oven for good.

1)Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term -permanent- brain damage by 'shorting out'electrical impulses in the brain [depolarizing or de-magnetizing the brain tissue].
2)The human body cannot metabolize [break down] the unknown by-products created in microwaved food.
3)Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating microwaved foods.
4)The effects of microwaved food by-products are residual [long term, permanent] within the human body.
5)Minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.
6)The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals when cooked in microwave ovens.
7)Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths [tumors]. This may explain the rapidly increasing rate of colon cancer in America.
8)The prolonged eating of microwaved foods causes cancerous cells to increase in human blood.
9)Continual ingestion of microwaved foods causes immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations.
10)Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence.

Now, I do not know about the rest of you but, once information like this enters my head it is hard to just toss it out. I roll it around for a little while, then, I make a conscious choice. My nineteen year old has been trying to get me, for quite a while, to get rid of our microwave and replace it with a toaster oven.

After doing some intelligent researching on line and reading of this subject, you too have the same option I did in making a healthy choice for your health, and your family's health. Remember one point, our society pretty much runs on money (the bottom line). The corporations who manufacture microwaves make a lot from the sale of them. There is no money for me, or any of the scientists who know that eating food processed in one of these things is dangerous.

You do, however, have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others to live more healthy, you are saving lives, and you are spreading future happiness by encouraging anyone to, including yourself, stop eating microwaved food.
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