Stop Dieting and Start Losing Weight

The metabolism is one of the most understood processes of the human body. You may have even made the mistake of believing it was a body part! (It is not), and the lack of information is leaving people confounded.

Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories to maintain day to day metabolic actions and reaction, generally accelerating your metabolic rate the less fat your body will carry.

Stop dieting and start losing weight. Here are ten ways you can do to boost your metabolic rate.

1. Drink green tea. Green tea when drunk on a regular basis has been shown to accelerate the metabolism.

2. Consuming more spicy foods also help boost your metabolic rate but only for a short time.

3. Build more muscle. Muscle burns calories just by being there, your muscles burn calories even when you are asleep. Using muscle building to build muscle on a regular basis is a calorie burning investment for the future.

4. Drink plenty of water. Your body can not carry out its metabolic functions without sufficient water.

5. Never skip breakfast, you should have something to eat as soon as possible after waking up. After you eat your body gets the message that food is abundant and it's safe to rev up the system.

6. Eat regular meals. Several small meals spread though out the day are best than one or two big meals. This tactic will reinforce that food is abundant message.

7. Don't partake in fasting or low calorie dieting. When you fast or drastically cut back your calories intake your body gets the famine message and slow down the metabolic rate to conserve calories and stored food supplies.

8. Get plenty of exercise like walking, running, and swimming movement is a great way to boost metabolism and even after you stop exercising the metabolism keeps burning at an increase rate for a few hours.

9. Try to avoid stress, it causes your body to release hormones that slow metabolism.

10. Eat food which require a large percentage of the calories to digest them.


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