The Role of Cellulite Massage for Cellulite Reduction

A great number of modern day women are looking for effective ways to combat cellulite, one of the most distressful problems of theirs. Regular anti-cellulite massage anti cellulite massage is supposed to be one of the easiest approaches, which can assist in cellulite reduction and control. Manual manipulations can be done at home with the help of special brushes, scrubs or gloves. Another advantage of cellulite massage is the opportunity to target it to the problematic areas of the body, which are affected the most by cellulite. If you plan to incorporate cellulite massage into your anti-cellulite program, it would be good to consult a specialist in order to provide the best relief and avoid possible negative effects of this treatment.

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a Natural Way

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional gastrointestinal disorder. It means that the bowels of an IBS patient do not function properly and it causes many IBS symptoms. The most common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are lower abdominal pain, changes in intestinal habits, abdominal irritation relieved with defecation, bloating resultong from changes in intestinal habits. In point of fact, there are several general patterns of irritable bowel syndrome that have their own specific symptoms. They are diarrhea-predominant (IBS-D), constipation-predominant (IBS-C), post-infectious IBS (IBS-PI), and IBS with alternating stool pattern (IBS-A). It is notable that all patterns can be accompanied by fever, vomiting, headache, excessive wind, etc. Also general malaise and lethargy, anxiety, stress, emotional disorders, back pain can also occur in patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. According to statistics, this gastrointestinal disease affects as many as 30% of Americans and women suffer from it three times more often than men.

The difficulty is that there is no real understanding of why irritable bowel syndrome occurs and there is no specific scientific lab test which can be carried out to diagnose this condition. That’s why irritable bowel syndrome can be often confused with chronic functional abdominal pain (CFAP), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and some other gastrointestinal disorders. In case of irritable bowel syndrome the muscles that line the walls of the bowels go into spasm, but the inherent biochemical cause of it is not well established. Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can become looser and even disappear for quite long periods of time, and then suddenly recur, what adds more difficulty in IBS diagnosis.

Notwithstanding the fact that irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic, irritating, and uncomfortable disorder, it is not fatal and its symptoms can be alleviated and even eliminated in case of proper treatment. Generally, stool softeners and laxatives are used in constipation-predominant IBS pattern, and various antidiarrheals (such as opioid or loperamide, diphenoxylate, codeine) are used in case of case of IBS-D (diarrhea-predominant patterns of IBS). Also the use of antispasmodic medications, such as anticholinergics such as hyoscyamine or dicyclomine, may be of special help to those people, who suffer from cramps or diarrhea.

But according to medical practice the best treatment for irritable bowel syndrome is proper diet, coping with stress and depression, and natural IBS remedies and cures. One of the best natural IBS treatments on the market is Bowtrol. Bowtrol Natural Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment was developed to successfully ease and eliminate all typical IBS symptoms. Bowtrol Natural IBS treatment is an alternative herbal remedy that is 100% clinically proven to be very effective in alleviating and eliminating irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and at the same time it causes no side effects. It will help you relax and normalize functioning of your gastrointestinal tract almost immediately. Bowtrol Natural Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment normalizes digestive system by balancing intestinal movements and increasing body detoxification, eliminates parasites and hyper-contractions of the involuntary muscle and strengthening and protecting the intestinal mucosa.

Bowtrol contains only herbal ingredients that are very effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome. Among those ingredients are Slippery Elm, Activated Charcoal, Turkey Rhubarb, Cascara Sagrada, Aloe, Bentonite, Wormseed, Black Seeds, Flax Seeds, Olive Leaf Extract, Garlic Extract, Peppermint, Certified Organic Cloves, Thyme Oil Powder, Senna and some more. All these components have been used throughout history as safe and reliable natural treatments of IBS, both diarrhea and constipation predominant. Now all of them are contained in Bowtrol Natural IBS Treatment. They have been carefully balanced to control all common IBS symptoms.

Bowtrol is the most powerful natural product on the market of natural IBS treatments and it has already helped a great many people suffering from IBS to ease and eliminate its annoying symptoms.


Stevia Sweeten Your Life With Out The Weight Gain

It is possible to sweeten your life with stevia, and without any weight gain, since it as exceptionally sweet herb. In fact it is member of the sunflower family, and is native to parts of South and Central America where it has been used as a sweetener since time immemorial. Also known as sugarleaf, it is a commercial crop, and is available as a dietary supplement.

Extracts of stevia have been found to be up to 300 times as sweet as cane sugar, although does not metabolize in the body to glucose. In fact it is thought to enhance the glucose tolerance of some diabetics, and can be used by people suffering from that condition as a natural sweetener, thus dispensing with the need for artificial sweeteners.

It is also useful for those on diets, especially carbohydrate controlled diets, and any other sweet-toothed person wanting to lose weight and still enjoy their favorite drink or desert. Many recipes have been published using stevia for the preparation of delicious sweets. So why is stevia so sweet and what other uses does it have?

Basically the sweet taste comes from glycosides, which are molecules in which a sugar is bonded to another molecule. The two main glycosides in stevia are called stevioside and rebaudioside. These are formed through glucose combined with the diterpene steviol in different ways, though some minor glycosides also contain rhamnose. Although they contain glucose, the glucose is not released into the bloodstream during digestion and the subsequent biochemistry.

Japan began the cultivation of the plant in the 1970s rather than produce artificial sweeteners that were suspected carcinogens (saccharin and cyclamate). Japan is now the world's biggest consumer of stevia, even being used in the Japanese Coca Cola plants. Around 40% of Japan's total sweetener volume is stevia. However, apart from its use as a natural alternative sweetener to sugar, stevia has specific properties, already alluded to, that renders it of particular attraction to certain groups of people, and we shall now take a closer look at these.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that is essential to regulate the glucose content of the blood. It stimulates the cells of the body to take in blood glucose and convert it to glycogen that can be used for energy. Without insulin the blood sugars would increase in concentration without regulation leading to very serious health issues that would eventually result in death.

Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce sufficient insulin, does not use the insulin it produces properly, or produces no insulin at all. Hence, a sweetener that did not exacerbate this situation by being eventually metabolized to glucose, as most sugars are in the body, would be of great benefit to diabetics. This is exactly what stevia is. It is a very powerful sweetener, 250 to 300 times sweeter to the taste-buds than sucrose, normal table sugar, and it does not metabolize to glucose. It is heaven-sent sweetener for diabetics that have a sweet tooth.

It is very safe for them and has been consumed for centuries without any side effects. In fact, studies have indicated that stevia might even regulate the pancreas and help to stabilize the levels of blood glucose in the body, rendering it an effective and safe supplement for those suffering from hypoglycemia (excess blood sugar), diabetes and candidiasis, a yeast infection that thrives on sugar.

Apart from that, stevia is also popular with those who are on a calorie controlled diet or any other diet for that matter, since an excessive sugar intake invariably leads eventually to weight increase. The 21st century western diet is drowning in sugar, with up to 10 spoonfuls of sugar in every small bottle of cola. There is sugar in cookies, hot dogs, bread, soy sauce, ketchup, cans of beans and peas, and even sugar in cigarettes, though that is the least of the health worries there!

For the first time in history, there are now more overweight and obese people in the world than hungry people, yet the sugar corporations claim that there is no scientific proof that sugar leads to weight increase. Worldwide, diabetes kills 6 people every minute, and obesity caused by the consumption of too much sugar leads to Type II diabetes. It had been shown that fructose is a major player in that corn syrup (fructose) is contained in many soft drinks and foods.

One of the major problems with refined sugars is that they contain nothing but pure carbohydrate. All the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients have been removed, so that when they are consumed, your body has to provide these nutrients needed to metabolize the sugar to glucose and then to energy. Humans cannot live on sugar alone, and in fact you are better drinking water than corn syrup or cane sugar solutions since at least water does not make demands on your existing nutrient store.

It was noted in 1929 by Sir Frederick Banting, one of those scientists credited with the discovery of insulin, that there was a significantly large proportion of diabetes among the sugar plantation owners that ate large quantities of refined sugar, whereas there was none detected in the cane harvesters who were able to chew on only the raw cane. The raw cane contains the minerals and vitamins needed to metabolize the sucrose.

Stevia is a potential answer to this problem, and it is such an obvious one that there are a lot of politics regarding its use. The big USA sugar corporations will undoubtedly be opposed to it, and the FDA has refused to allow its use as a food additive, only as a dietary supplement, yet its use in Japan has been very successful. It is also used throughout East Asia, including China, Korea and Taiwan, and also in South America, Israel and some areas of the Caribbean. It is available as a green powder in its crude form, and also brownish syrup redolent of licorice, but also as a more refined white powder that is likely best used as weak solution due to its sweetness.

It is totally free of calories; this may come as a surprise to many since it tastes so sweet. It is an excellent sweetener for children's drinks since it does not cause cavities: unlike sugar it is not degraded by bacteria to produce the corrosive acid that eats into the enamel. It does not metabolize to a burst of energy that is practically addictive, since that generally then leads to tiredness and the need for more sugar to make up for it.

Stevia does not cause diabetes in any form, is not a food for yeast and it is beneficial to the pancreas. In short, it is a completely safe food supplement that has been used for centuries without ill effect, and if you want to prevent yourself from adding weight and protect against the possibility of Type II diabetes in particular, then stevia should be your sweetener of choice.

Benefits of Soy Protein in 2008

Soy protein is emerging as one of the great alternative protein sources for human consumption. Health experts are all excited about how soy protein can change the face of nutrition. What's all the rage? Here are some great results you get with soy protein.

Soy Protein is Plant Protein
Soy beans contain complete protein and have one of the best protein digestibilities among all protein sources. Soy beans also contain little or no fat and have virtually no cholesterol. Lactose intolerant ones will be pleased to know that soy beans contain no lactose.

Being a plant protein, soy is free from steroids and antibiotics animal protein contains. It is also free from the parasites that contaminate some of these products. They also contain none of the diseases one can contract from mean sources such as Mad Cow Disease, and Foot and Mouth Disease.

Vegetarians love this bean as it provides a comparable - if not better - source of protein as compared to its animal counterpart. It provides a protein that is better and easier to digest and is comparable to most protein supplements.

Soy Beans are Very Versatile
Soy beans are very versatile. Various cuisines, especially Asian ones recognize the value of the humble soy bean. A variety of naturally yummy delicacies are all soy based: tofu, soy pudding, Soya milk, and meat substitutes - not to mention condiments such as soy sauce, and hoi sin sauce.

To counter the problem of world hunger, the growing of soybeans has been suggested. Not only are soybeans easy to grow and harvest, they will grow pretty much anywhere and produces much in a little time. There have been farmers reported to have replaced their entire crop line with soy bean plants. These hardy little plants produce much per harvest, and, as said earlier, can grow in even the most trying terrain.

The Great Substitute
Soy is low in fat and can be used to substitute most protein sources. When cooking, you may use soy substitutes instead of flour for a low fat alternative. This makes it a great protein source for those that are looking to lose weight without compromising their protein requirements.

Bodybuilders are considering how this can make their jobs a lot easier. Without the fat and with all the protein goodness - easily digestible at that - bodybuilding has just received a great blessing of a food.

Although these bodybuilders are currently debating how soy can be a help to bodybuilders, it doesn't take away anything from what soy can contribute to the overall health of a person.

It is very advisable to stick to natural protein rather than processes protein if possible, as processed foods typically have some risk attached to them. The best use of this food can be attributed to how it perfectly fits into anyone's low-fat, high-protein diet.

Soy products can be incorporated into shakes and drinks. And being lactose-free, lactose intolerant people will still be able to get their milkshake fix without having to suffer so.

Soy products are also a great source of other nutrients such as saponins, isoflavones, and phytosterol. Saponins help support a healthy immune system. It also combines with cholesterol to avoid increased absorption of cholesterol in the body. Phytosterols also help reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the body in the same way saponins do.

Isoflavones are powerful antioxidants and prevent the effects of free radicals in the body. They prevent many of the signs of aging and have been known to help prevent cancer. This alone makes soy a miracle protein source in its own right.

Isoflavones, along with vitamins A,C, and E are among the front liners in the fight against such disease - they also counter the effects of pollution, and stress.

How Much is Too Much
Unlike other protein sources, it is pretty safe to consume a wide amount of soy products. While allergies to soy products exist, cases are few and far between. When changing to a soy diet, however, it would be best to consult your physician or your nutritionist. Ask specifically if the soy interferes with any prescription drugs you are taking.

Soy can be great blessing for people who are looking for a great source of protein that does not entail the side effects of most of the other sources. It would be advisable for one to explore how it can improve one's diet. Drink Soy!

Healthy Nutrition Diet Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal

You've heard it your entire life: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is it true? Really true? You bet!

When your body retires in the evening, it slows your metabolism while you sleep as your body, rests, relaxes and slowly works on repairing damaged muscle. Upon awakening, your body needs to refuel in order to give you the energy necessary to get through a hectic day filled with work, errands and family responsibilities.

Eating breakfast is a great way to jumpstart your entire system by raising your metabolism and "turn everything on" for the rigors of the day ahead.

It is true, eating breakfast can make you smarter, healthier, more creative, more patient, more energetic, plus it can even help you live longer!

Eating a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast can also set the tone for everything else you eat throughout the day. If you grab a donut on the way out the door in the morning, the odds are you will have sugar rush that lasts just long enough to get to work and get started on your first project, but then a decrease in glucose levels will send you hunting for a quick snack before midmorning, followed by lunch at noon. People who take the time to eat a good breakfast normally don't need much of a snack in the morning and when they do, they are more apt to grab something that's good for them like an apple or banana.

What if you're simply not hungry? Should you force yourself to eat breakfast? Yes! One way to ensure that you will be hungry in the morning is to avoid that late night nibbling.

To begin your day on the right nutrition path, remember to include plenty of fruit, fiber and protein in your breakfast choices. But avoid fatty foods such as bacon, sausage and fried potatoes.

Here are a few additional breakfast tips:

Make Breakfast simple. Mornings are hectic, so make breakfast easy by laying out everything you need the night before. Eat easy to grab items like low-fat yogurt, whole-wheat muffins and bagels and lots of fresh fruit. Cereal is a good choice to, as long as it is high in fiber and low in sugar. Top it with some fresh blueberries, strawberries or banana, along with a glass of orange or cranberry juice and you'' have already satisfied nearly half of your fresh fruit requirements for the entire day!

Avoid prepackaged bakery items such as Danish, donuts, croissants, etc

In a hurry?

Grab a half a bagel and an apple to eat on the way.

Your mother always told you it was important, and now you know the truth - she was right - breakfast is the most important meal of your day!


Resveratrol Is An Anti-Aging Pholyphenol That May Increase Longevity

Resveratrol is a chemical that is found naturally on the skin of red grapes, of the polyphenol family that includes such other members as the powerful antioxidants anthocyanadin and the flavanoids. They destroy free radicals that are responsible for many ill effects in the body, including cardiovascular disease and aging. Aging occurs through the destruction of body cells that free radicals initiate, and can theoretically be retarded by the destruction of the free radicals.

Free radicals are becoming more common invaders of our bodies due to their increasing concentration in the atmosphere through vehicle and aircraft emissions, and also of our seas and rivers through industrial effluents. Free radicals are also created by excessive radiation, such as the harmful UV content of sunlight that is no longer effectively filtered by an adequate ozone layer.

Resveratrol extract is known to be effective against cardiovascular diseases due to its anti oxidant properties, and also for other reasons, but it is also believed to be a possible anti-aging supplement, to beat off the effects of old age. There is the obvious reason of it being a very powerful anti-oxidant and so preventing cell damage through the effects of free radicals, but there is more to it than just that.

The French do not seem to possess a longevity beyond that which could be expected from their diet high in saturated fats and alcohol. The fact that most of that alcohol is in the form of wines, especially red wines, is significant, but their high cheese intake with its cholesterol and saturated fat content, and other highly saturated animal fats, would be expected to cause a much lower average life expectancy that that which is actually normal in the area.

Although resveratrol extract is commonly found on red grape skins, and is a constituent of red wine, the quantities are small and it is the Japanese Knotweed that is the major natural source. Resveratrol extract is currently manufactured from knotweed, which is the main source of the supplement in health food stores. In fact you can purchase online what is described as 'Greater than 99% pure knotweed Resveratrol extract that is not contaminated with plant residues.' A lot depends on your viewpoint I suppose!

Perhaps the biggest contribution to be made to longevity by resveratrol is that it can activate the SIRT1 gene. This is the gene that activates the protein and enzyme sirtuin. Sirtuin is thought to be what is loosely terms a 'protector of cells' and helps cells to repair themselves when they are close to destruction. When the cell is not sure whether to carry on with the struggle or just give up and die, sirtuin persuades it to fight on and to repair itself. Without the sirtuin, the cell would have died, and as cells die, one ages.

However, the amount of resveratrol found in red wine is insufficient to activate the SIRT1 gene that has to be active before the sirtuin is activated, and supplementation is generally needed. The SIRT1 gene is also activated by a calorie reduced diet, and this can also help to protect cells from dying under stress. Such diets are useful in some situations, but will not necessarily prolong life for those that adopt it.

The SIRT1 enzyme is also thought by some to increase the activity of the mitochondria, the power packs inside cells that provide them with energy by processing fats. Mice fed with resveratrol extract appeared full of energy that was consistent with a surge in the number and efficiency of the mitochondria within their body cells. This is supported by an increase in muscle tissue. If this is true, and studies on this are continuing, then resveratrol extract fed to humans could also increase their energy as they age, since the aging process coincides with a reduction in the number and efficiency of the mitochondria within the cells.

This could also tie up in a way with the calorie controlled diet, since an increase in the metabolism that comes with increased mitochondria activity results in a higher calorie uptake, and so a reduction in the free calories available in the body. However, one of the mysteries of the human body is that what makes logical sense does not necessarily work in fact, and so the jury will remain out until the results of the large number of studies underway have been published.

For example, more evidence is required to prove the mitochondria activity theory unequivocally although all of the evidence so far tends to support it. At the moment resveratrol has restricted known uses, though the evidence is being collected and accumulated to provide support for the theories that exist on its ability to help us live longer and with more energy.

As more studies are carried out over the next few years, it seems highly likely that many more beneficial effects will be discovered, and those we are aware of confirmed by scientific proof. Resveratrol extract has many medicinal properties in addition to its beneficial effect on aging, such as its antioxidant properties, and ability to destroy free radicals, its anti-inflammatory properties where it is of benefit in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, and also its effect as an antiseptic agent.

It is already known to increase the longevity of fruit flies, yeasts and worms and results on mice are just as encouraging. The theory behind its effect on human longevity is valid science, and it is known that if cells have a longer time to repair broken DNA, then they are able to do so. The enzyme sirtuin does this, and that is activated by the SIRT1 gene that is turn is activated by resveratrol. So the theory works, and so far laboratory tests are supporting this theory.

Whether or not resveratrol helps us to live longer or look younger as we age is not yet known, but studies are under way. Since the material is natural and not a prescription drug, there is nothing to prevent you from using it, but you are advised to consult your doctor before trying out medication that you have not taken before. Author Resource:- More information on resveratrol supplements can be found at VitaNet, LLC Health Food Store.


Multivitamin The Average American Might Just Know More Than The So-called Experts

Are mulitvitamin supplements a part of your daily routine? Healthcare experts have been telling us for decades that if we eat a balanced diet we do not need vitamin supplements. Americans have a mind of there own, they think for themselves and thet are no fools. Each year many and more Americans are taking multivitamin supplements than then the year before, however, confusion about who should take multivitamin supplements, and what should be in your multivitamin Supplement, is growing. The biggest problem is that there are no solid guidlines to follow when it comes to vitamin supplements. The closes thing we have is the RDA (recommended daily allowance) and that has fallen under intense scrutiny almost since its inception.

Most nutritional authorities claim that the American diet is no longer providing adequate amounts of essential nutrients. There are several factor that contribute to this problem including vitamin and mineral depletion in over utilized soil. The introduction of unnatural growth stimulants into the food chain in the form of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth steroid hormones.

While nutrition research continues to show the declining nutrition value in the staple foods of the average diet, getting our nutrients from a healthy, balanced diet is no longer the answer, many Americans tend to fall short in a variety of vitamins and minerals. So to answer the question who need to take a multi vitamin, we believe the answer is everyone.

The most recent research indicates that several of the nutrients found in standard multi or Liquid Vitamin supplements play important roles in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. A daily multivitamin ensures an adequate intake of several micronutrients that are not always present in the diet in optimal amounts. We cant over state enough the importance of taking a quality multivitamin. The benefits of using multivitamin supplements are many and have been documented numerous times. They are so important that in order for you and your family to remain healthy, you and everyone in your family, must use the best a multivitamin available for your needs, on a daily basis.

The Anarem Report revealed that out of 21,500 individuals, "not a single individual consumed 100% of the 10 most needed nutrients in the body."

And U.S. Senate Document #264 states, "99% of the American people are deficient in vitamins and minerals..."

These are commonly cited sources and statistics that you may even be familiar with yourself.

Multivitamin supplements help, BUT a Balanced diet is the key.
while taking a quality multivitamin is important for optimal nuturitional haelth, you can't expect that supplement to make up for a poor diet. You still have to eat well, taking in enough fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, and low-fat dairy, poultry, and fish. At the same time staying away from, or at least limiting fatty meats and full fat dairy products, commercially fried foods, pastries and sweets, weather you are taking a Multivitamin supplements or not taking multivitamin supplements. But a healthy diet and a quality multivitamin may be the best of both worlds. Author Resource:- Find out more about vitamins. Get even more vitamins info, and vitamin supplements information.


The Best Natural Menopause Treatment

There’s a common opinion that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the only option for women seeking remedy for menopause symptoms. This kind of menopause treatment involves a series of medical preparations and drugs designed to artificially increase hormone levels and has been widely used by doctors and health providers throughout history of medicine. That’s why a great number of menopausal women don’t even suspect that there’s and alternative way to treat menopause and relieve menopause symptoms without resorting to synthetic HRT.

There is a great deal of risk associated with hormone replacement therapy. HRT combines synthetic progesterone treatment with estrogen replacement therapy that is contraindicated for menopausal women with a history of cancer. That’s why the most negative point of HRT is the increased risk of cancer. What’s more, synthetic HRT is generally associated with cyclical bleeding and several other serious side effects. All this controversial information publicized about HRT makes more and more look for another menopause treatment that is more safe and reliable.

Fortunately, there is really a better choice. It is a natural menopause and early menopause treatment that can effectively solve the problem of menopause and avoid health risks of synthetic hormones at the same time. Haven’t you heard of Menozac yet? Actually, it’s one of the best natural herbal remedy for menopause on the market. We’ll talk about in more detail.

Menozac is a herbal menopause treatment that has been specially developed to ease the transition period of perimeopausal and menopausal women and to smooth and eliminate symptoms of menopause and early menopause almost immediately. It contains special herbs for menopause and other natural botanical extracts and additives. Among them are: Soy seed, Damiana leaf, Black Cohosh root, and Vitamin E. All these components are well-known for being effective in menopause symptoms relief.

Menozac restores and maintains woman’s hormonal balance and relieves menopause and early menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, palpitation, anxiety, depression, urinary infections and other problems, mood swings, sleeping disorders, etc.

According to recent scientific investigations, herbals work more effectively as remedy for menopause than estrogen. More than that, herbs for menopause help to prevent cancer. And all these herbals are contained in Menozac, one of the best all-natural menopause treatment on the market today. It is fully reliable and it has no side effects. It is safe in contrast to other medicals and hormone replacement therapy.

Menopause is a natural occurrence in every woman's reproductive life. Then why not treat it naturally?


Gifts of nature in hair loss treatment

Here a nice article that my friend Devin Greenfield allowed my to publish here. Devin is a great specialist of alternative hair loss treatments and he conducts the website called How To Regrow Hair. So here it is.

Folk medicine is all about using gifts of nature in treatment of this or that disease. For ages people have been using different herbs and plants to solve the problem of hair loss. And even nowadays, it is very advisable to resort to natural hair loss treatments in several cases:
when other cures don’t seem to work any more;
as an addition to some specialized treatment in order to achieve quicker and better results;
as a safe substitution for strong drugs and medicines that are sometimes not quite safe (especially in case of long-lasting treatment).

Nature usually gives its cure for most illnesses and diseases and alopecia or baldness is no exception. Natural hair loss treatments don’t have an immediate effect but they don’t have side effects either. Moreover, sometimes they may work even when other cures don’t and the situation seem to be hopeless.

We have already spoken about the benefits of using essential oils to solve hair loss problems in the previous posts. This time we continue speaking about the ways to regrow hair naturally. Fortunately, there are so many gifts of nature to make your hair strong and healthy and beautiful.

Saw palmetto. It grows in mild and warm climates and has the deep red fruit. Saw palmetto is an effective anti-androgen. It lowers levels of dihydrotestosterone in the body by blocking 5 alpha-reductase and receptor sites on cell membranes required for cells to absorb dihydrotestosterone. Therefore saw palmetto is effectively used in curing of benign prostatic diseases. We have already said in Hair Loss Causes that excessive amount of androgens can cause hair thinning and subsequent loss and lead to male pattern baldness. That is why more and more people in the world resort to the fruit of saw palmetto in androgenetic alopecia treatment.

Bulb onion. It is a widely-spread and well-known garden plant that have been often used not only as a food product but also with a medical purpose in treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis, cough, scurvy, paronychia, rhinitis. Bulb onion is also used in cosmetics to lighten freckles and remove wart and callosities. As regard hair loss problems, the bulb onion juice is usually rubbed into the head-skin to improve hair growth, regrow hair and strengthen it. The bulb onion decoction is used to give hair a pleasant hue and make it stronger.

Nettles. It is wide-spread all over the world. Nettles have been used as a folk cure for many centuries. It quickens blood coagulability and that is why is highly recommended in case of pubertal, climacteric and hemorrhoidic bleeding. Nettles improves metabolism. It also has an expectorant, antispasmodic, diuretic, astringent, and tonic effect. The extract of nettles is applied to the scalp to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Soy extract. According to recent studies, soy extract brings almost 30 % increase in hair growth. Like Saw palmetto that was touched upon in the first part of Gifts of nature in hair loss treatment soy extract prevents hair loss in case when androgens are the reason for it.

As a matter of fact, people who consume a sufficient amount of genistein derived from soy beans have low rate of breast or prostate cancer, to say nothing of male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, the daily intake of soy extract of Americans is far from being enough, what results in the fact that hair loss has almost taken the form of epidemy. Though we are still inclined to think that the western diet that contains a plenty of fat is the main reason for this misfortune. But in reality heightened incidence of such disorders as breast and prostate cancer, acne and baldness results from deficiency of soy in our diet. Therefore, to stop hair loss and rogrow hair naturally it is recommended to take 300-500 mg of soy extract daily.

Soy is an isoflavone-containing plant and soy extract derived from soybeans exhibits estrogenic activity and, consequently, inhibits hair loss. Administered either orally or topically it helps to maintain scalp hair integrity. Moreover, soy can be combined with other regrow hair pharmaceuticals without adversely affecting the beneficial effects of such cures and remedies. Soybean isoflavonoids may be taken alone or in combination with food or liquids without a considerate change of their efficiency.

Pygeum africanum. Since the beginning of the nineties sales of herbal treatments have been significantly increased in the US and Pygeum africanum has become a cheaper and healthier alternative to many medications used to treat prostate disorders and hair loss. It is also widely used in Europe.

Pygeum africanum is an African evergreen plant, which inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. Though Saw palmetto is still number 1 in treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia and male pattern baldness, Pygeum africanum may be even superior for the treatment of the condition in some cases. It happens because it inhibits some hormonal processes that convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone with almost the same efficiency and fewer side effects.

Cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is a rubefacient plant. It causes irritation and redness of the skin and scalp when applied externally causing the attraction of the blood towards the place where it was applied. As a result it stimulates the skin, increases blood flow and circulation, relieves pain and reduce congestion and inflammation of the external tissues.

There’s a number of tips and recipes how you can use Cayenne pepper. What’s important here is that it also has proved to be an excellent natural hair loss remedy. Most often it is mixed with water to make a paste. Then it is massaged into the scalp and left for 20 to 30 minutes. Also it is recommended to massage the scalp with a mixture of cayenne pepper, salt and fresh onion juice, as this mixture increases blood circulation and nourishes your scalp and hair.