Free Your Body - Try Some Herbal Tea Recipes

If you are interested in making your own herbal teas rather than buying those from your local health or grocery store then it is an idea to go online. There are numerous sites which have been set up and offer a wide range of different herbal tea recipes for you to try. Often after a few attempts at making them you are likely to find those ones that you really like and which you will use time and time again.

Below we provide you with details of two such recipes which you may want to try and which you may find beneficial to your health and wellbeing. The first one we look at will provide with uplifting properties that will give your energy levels a boost.

In order to make this uplifting tea for yourself you need to get together the following ingredients which are best if they come in a dried form. 50g of peppermint leaves, crushed linden flowers and vervain, along with 25g of lavender and chamomile flowers and 25g of lemon balm leaves.

Once you have these ingredients then mix them together and then place in a dark colored jar until such time that you want to use it. When you do want to use it boil up some freshwater and then pour over the mixture. 1 or 2 teaspoons is more than sufficient to make a refreshing cup of this herbal tea for you. After pouring the water over the mixture allow it to stand for between 5 and 10 minutes before passing through a strainer. Then once this is done you can drink it.

The next recipe we provide is one that is ideal for you to drink at night as the ingredients used possess properties that can help your mind and body relax. In order to make this particular tea you will need 25 g of California poppies along with 25g of hawthorn flowers and dried melilot. Plus 50g of wild lettuce leaves.

As with the first herbal tea recipe you need to get all the ingredients and mix them together well. Once you have done this you place them in an airtight container until such time as you wish to use them. The best time to make a cup of tea using this mixture is just before you due to go to bed.

To make this tea get the mixture out and place one or two teaspoons of the mixture into a teapot or a tisane cup. This particular device comes with not only a cup and saucer but also a strainer and a lid to prevent the tea from getting cold as it stands. Now you need to get some freshly boiled water and pour this over the herbal mixture and then allow it stand for between 5 and 10 minutes. Doing this allows the water to become infused with the properties of the herbs then after straining the mixture you can drink it.

Along with herbal tea, recipes that are able to give you a boost or help you relax there are others, which can help to remove unwanted toxins and substances from the body. But the biggest advantage to be had from using such recipes is that they are completely natural and free of caffeine as well as being low in calories.


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