Nutrition and Your Skin Food Can Make You Feel Younger

Forget all of those hair gels, special shampoos, not to mention all of the lotions and wrinkle creams you've been wasting your time and money on. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on the right creams, all you have to do is eat the right foods.

Can the food we eat really help us keep our hair and skin looking younger and sexier? You bet it can! Foods that are rich in the right vitamins and minerals can all do that and more for your hair and skin! Something the most expensive creams will never be able to do.

The next time you head to the grocery store, check out the produce aisles and meat and fish cases for some of these nutritious foods that'll help keep you healthy and strong, plus give you the added benefit of smoother, shinier, more youthful hair and skin:

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, especially Sweet Potatoes, carrots, green leafy vegetables, mangos and apricots. They are all great in keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy (not to mention younger). How? Simple. They are rich in Beta Carotene, which the liver eventually turns into Vitamin A, which is great for replenishing aging skin cells.

We've all heard that nuts, sardines and mackerel are good for us. But, did you also know that they are good for your skin? High in essential Omega 3 fatty acids, nuts, sardines and even mackerel can help maintain the integrity of your body's skin cells, helping to keep it fresh and taut no matter what your age.

What can one glass of 100% orange juice or other citrus fruits for your hair and skin? Rich in vitamin C, citrus fruits and juices work to help your skin to produce more collagen. This is an essential ingredient to naturally "gluing" your skin cells together and keeping them looking more youthful.

Iron is an essential mineral for a sexy and healthy complexion. More than 80% of women lack the iron their body needs on a daily basis. Red meat and tuna are all great sources in helping you to replenish lost iron.

Want terrific hair that's fuller and more vibrant? Eat more Turkey, oysters, lentils and eggs. They can all help to deliver more oxygen to your hair follicles, which will make it full and bouncy.

Dairy, fish, meat and fortified breakfast cereal all contain important B vitamins and folate - both crucial ingredients to the formation of red blood cells in your body which work to help to circulate oxygen throughout the entire body. This all contributes to helping your hair look and feel glossier, stronger and more elastic.

So, you see, what you eat (and don't eat) really can help you look better and younger than you ever thought possible.
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