Liquid Nutrition Ensures Adequate Vitamin Intake

There are many ways that a parent can introduce vitamins and minerals into their child's life without alerting them to the nutritional benefits they are getting. It seems that once a child knows something is good for them, that is the very instant that they do not want to drink it, eat it or be around it.

A smart Mom knows that will a little powder and a little fluid she can give her children liquid nutrition that they are going to love and will often ask for more.

Some of the liquid nutrition might come from nature. A parent has many choices to make in the type of beverages that they buy for afternoon snack time, lunch and those served for meals.

Drink manufacturers are very good about putting Vitamin C in drinks that children use on a daily basis, and most often, parents can mix drinks from packages that only require a half gallon of water to make those mixes drinkable. There are many flavor choices to be made with these dry mixes and every child seems to have a particular one that they like over all others. These drinks also require sugar and parents can choose regular sugar or a sugar substitute to create large quantities of a drink product that will be a hit among all kids that visit.

Other drink concoctions might require the parent to purchase fruits such as bananas and strawberries, but children have grown to love drinking smoothies that were created in a blender in the kitchen. Children do not realize how healthy they are eating and parents are reassured by how open and receptive their children are to drinking these fun concoctions.

Other drinks for children are offered in cans that can be chilled in the refrigerator and taken with them to school. These drinks are often rich and creamy and make the children think that they are drinking milk shakes. Some of these canned drinks can be chilled in the freezer and the children can enjoy a healthy slush as an afternoon snack. The low prices on these slushy drinks make them affordable enough for the child to share a few with friends that stop over after school.

Any form of liquid nutrition is perfect for travel. Many places that people can go on vacation will not offer well-rounded meal choices. Kids are sure to enjoy eating junk foods at a carnival and parents can allow them to go off diets if they know that the child has had some form of liquid nutrition during the day. People enjoy some liquid nutrition drinks for sports because they contain vitamins and minerals which are lost during vigorous games of football, soccer and basketball.
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Tom said...

Taking a nutritional supplement is also essential, in my ever so humble opinion to keep your body's immune system up to par.

A good liquid multi vitamin and mineral supplement is usually the best way to go for those of us that cannot eat properly or chose not to.

Great post, thanks.