XanGo Mangosteen Juice and Xanthones

In 600 AD, scribes in Southeast Asia first recorded the use of the Mangosteen fruit as a general remedy and healing agent. More than a thousand years later (1673), Laurens Garcin (the base of the name Garcinia mangostana), studied the fruit, provided detailed diagrams, and determined that the mangosteen was helpful in treating various intestinal inflammations. In the following centuries, scattered research and documentation continued. Then suddenly, in the late 20th century, the research multiplied. Today, you can visit the National Library of Medicine website and simply type the word "mangosteen." You'll get more than 20 documented results from the last 13 years alone. And each entry provides detailed research on the medicinal properties and health benefits of the mangosteen.

As you read through the research and talk to people who know about XanGo Juice, they'll mention the word "xanthones." So let me take a minute to explain what they're talking about. You've heard of antioxidants; they're a common health-conscious buzzword. So let's define xanthones this way: xanthones are some of the most powerful antioxidants ever found. And the whole mangosteen fruit bursts with more than 40 known xanthones, all fighting hard to:

- Support microbiological balance
- Maintain immune system health
- Promote joint flexibility
- Provide positive mental support

And XanGo's whole mangosteen fruit puree--formulated specifically for your overall wellbeing-represents the next generation of powerful phytonutrients. What are phytonutrients? All-natural plant compounds offering health-protecting benefits that will change the future of dietary supplements. Now you can search far and wide for xanthones. But chances are, you'll only find trace amounts in certain fruits and vegetables. However, the pericarp of the mangosteen is the premier source of these nutrients in concentrated amounts.

Most scientific studies actually name the Mangosteen pericarp as the quintessential source of xanthones. And, until recently, the xanthone-packed power of the mangosteen has been one of nature's best-kept secrets. Dr. David Morton has spent the past 3 years researching the power of the mangosteen fruit. Immediately compiling more than "a foot and a half" of research, Dr. Morton has become one of the primary experts on the properties of mangosteen. After all of his work, I think this statement sums up the way most people feel about XanGo Juice's whole-fruit mangosteen supplement: "People want to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to herbal supplements, and the mangosteen fruit really rises above that, because the mangosteen fruit can back up its claims with science journals from around the world." Dr. David Morton, Exploration DVD

Source: http://www.articleviral.com/Article/XanGo-Mangosteen-Juice-and-Xanthones/73478

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