10 tips to get 6 pack abs easily

How to get 6 pack abs easily? Here is a collection of tips you can apply on a daily basis to tone your stomach.

1. Do not have 3 big meals that will make your stomach balloon. Prefer 4 or 5 lighter ones that will help you go through the day without ever having the feeling of being hungry at any stage.

2. To avoid calories don't fry your food, boil it! Always prefer boiled rice over fried rice.

3. You'd be better off eating a big meal before 8am so that your body can have plenty of time to burn off the extra intake throughout the day. The earlier you eat, the greater chance you have to burn off that extra intake.

4. Do not fall for Junk food and soda!!! Those are the worst food you can eat as your intake of calories will skyrocket!

5. Be smart in your snacking: instead of having these chocolate cookies in front of the TV, go for celery sticks with lemon lime! It is just the most delicious snack.

6. Never go shopping when you are hungry: you will eventually buy way too much food!

7. Eat Breakfast: it will you from compensating later on.

8. Use Mustard: It adds plenty of flavour and it's low calorie.

9. Avoid Aspartame - it will make you crave sugars!

10. Think smart: prefer frequency over quantity. Do 5mn every day instead of 50mn once a week and then nothing.

Those tips are quite simple to put into place. Keep in mind though that your worst enemy is not junk food or soda but....you! You can decide whatever you want to be so take action and focus as motivation is the key!

Sophia Munoz is fascinated by weight loss and nutrition and studies little known methods on how to get 6-pack abs. She has recently started a new career in fitness training and works on the publication of a book on fitness instruction.

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