What Qualifies As A Natural Organic Product?

What is a natural organic product? These days the answer to that question has become a bit confusing. Although an organic product is "literally" natural, according to regulations on how the food is grown, processed and labeled, the terms, "all-natural" "natural," and "organic" mean three different things.

You, the consumer, should be aware of the differences between products that are labeled as "organic" and others that are labeled "natural." Organic food is obviously the healthiest and purest food for you to eat, but unfortunately many food companies try to fool you by labeling their products with the word(s)natural or all-natural so you think it is as healthy as organic food, when in fact it is not.

I am not saying that natural food is bad for you, it just is not as healthy as certified organic food. Pay attention to the qualifications listed below so you will know what makes a product organic, or natural.

In the production of organic foods:

* Toxic pesticides are not used
* Soil fertility is maintained and replenished using natural methods such as crop rotation, fertilizer crops, composting etc.
* Regular soil and nutrition analysis are done to test soil fertility and food quality
* Natural methods of topsoil management are used to ensure minimal soil erosion
* Organic farmers aim to preserve and protect natural wildlife, vegetation and water systems
* Organic farmers are concerned about the loss of a variety of species
* No genetically modified seeds are used
* Organic growers collect seeds from the plants in order to preserve biodiversity

You will notice when you go food shopping that most organic food has a label on it that says it is a "certified organic product." Each state has an agency that monitors and certifies organic food growers and producers.

The organic farm fields and processing facilities are inspected, and detailed records are kept. Also periodic testing of the soil and water takes place to ensure that strict standards are being met.

Don't buy any organic food unless it is certified organic. If it is not certified it is more likely to be unsanitary or carry disease.

Natural products are similar to organic food in that they:

* Use minimally processed and do not contain artificial preservatives or additives
* Use natural meats and are not typically given antibiotics, hormones, or any growth promoting products
* In most cases do not use genetically modified products

Natural products differ, however, from organic products in that they are not inspected by an independent organization. Although they are usually healthier than regular processed food, there are no guarantees about the health quality of these products. This is the main concern with many natural products.

However, there are some supplement companies that do rigorous testing on their natural products to ensure their quality is equal to that of organic products. They are few and far between, but if it is a reputable natural health company they will usually provide critical information and the results of the independent testing right on the label.

Whatever you do, don't buy into the "all-natural" phrase. It is simply a loop hole the big food companies have found to fool you that their normal (very unhealthy, processed, food) is natural, when it is not. There is hardly anything natural about it and there isn't any regulation as to what that phrase entails so they can put on just about anything.

Pick up a product that claims to be "all-natural." Read the ingredients and see how "all-natural" it really is.

It is shocking that food companies can play with our health like this. The average consumer does not know the difference between "natural," "all-natural," and "organic."

So, as funny as it sounds there is really no such thing as a natural organic product because "natural" and "organic" have taken on two different meanings. If you are wondering why we have so much confusion over this issue, just thank the big food companies that have manipulated phrases and consumers so they can make more money by jumping on the organic bandwagon.

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