Vitamin C .How Much Is Too Much ?

The real facts about Vitamin C may surprise you.
In an article titled "Vitamins E and C Are Safe Across a Broad Range of Intakes" published in THE AMERICAN JOURNAL of CLINICAL NUTRITION, a large study concluded that Vitamin C supplements of up to 2000 mg per day were safe for most adults.
Nevertheless, one study found that very large doses of Vitamin C - 8 grams - taken on the first day of a cold appeared could shorten the disease itself.
Vitamin C is the most commonly consumed nutrient supplement and is available as regular or chewable tablet or as time-release capsule, as well as in powder, effervescent, and liquid forms.
Well, it's true that vitamin supplements can promote good health, but this is through taking them responsibly and as directed rather than assuming that the more you take the better.
If you feel as though your daily diet does not provide you with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, taking supplements can greatly improve your lifestyle and can give you the energy and the boost you need to get you through the day.
More importantly however, are the long-term effects on your health from vitamin deficiencies, because without sufficient vitamins in your diet we are increasing the risk from other diseases as vitamins and minerals are essential in the normal processes of the body and without them the body struggles to carry out normal functioning.
•Remember that vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, and since it will be stored in the body in fatty tissue, it can reach toxic levels.
It found that 400 IU of vitamin E a day provided no protection against cancer or major vascular events such as heart attacks or strokes.
You can find help in determining if your mineral and vitamin supplements are meeting your daily vitamin requirements and are nutritionally available to your body.
Despite the obvious importance of Vitamin B1 to many of the body's important functions a great deal of people regularly fail to meet the recommended daily intake levels of this vitamin.
Choosing one of the high-quality, broad-spectrum daily intake vitamin supplements helps fill the 'nutritional gaps' that everyone has.
There ARE manufacturers that design and make supplements that provide high quality at very reasonable prices.

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