Vegetarians Care

If you really made your mind up, could you specify your motive for being converted to vegetarianism? Would you change to vegetarian to:

Improve the Environment? - Improve Your Health? - Reduce Cruelty to Animals?

Medical evidence to substantiate the belief that meat is bad for you is overwhelming. However, there are nutritious vegetarian alternatives, that will more than compensate for the meat that is unnecessary in a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarians are much less prone to be afflicted with cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, or diabetes.

Vegetarians are a lot less prone to be fat, or clinically obese.

Vegetarians do not consume germs carried by dead animals, or remnants of the drugs that were in some perverse way used to keep them alive.

There have been food scandals in lots of countries, but the bigger scandal is when they are covered up. There was a British Health Minister, who was forced to relinquish her job and discredited, for stating the truth about eggs and salmonella. Don't know whether the person concerned is vegetarian or not! However, it isn't just the eggs that are responsible for disease, but the chickens as well. There has been much advice about not letting them come into contact with other foods, to avoid cross contamination. Vegetarians never buy the chickens, so they are not at risk.

There are other reasons for becoming a vegetarian, than defending yourself from illness. What about the animals themselves? Were we really put on this earth to cram chickens into cages, with no room to shift about? Then shorten their beaks to stop them pecking one another, and fill them with drugs, to try to prevent them from getting diseases, from the filthy conditions forced upon them.

Vegetarians recognize that it's not just poultry, but lots of other animals that suffer the conditions of factory farming. We can be thankful to the oft-criticized media, because they do sometimes draw consideration to these issues, and point attention to problems that governments would much prefer to cover up.

There has been a good deal of attention focussed on global warming, which is undoubtedly of grave concern, as much to vegetarians as anybody else. However, it isn't always realized that animal waste is a substantial factor. There are reports that US farm animals produce 250,000 pounds of waste every second. That is twenty times more than people. This effluent is a gaseous substance, adding to the methane passing into the atmosphere from the orifices of these creatures. It is true that if more people were vegetarian, less animals would be needed. It seems apparent that there are ecological reasons - as well as humane reasons - as well as health reasons - for becoming a vegetarian.

For your health's sake, For the animal's sake, For the planet's sake - Become a Vegetarian.

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