The Sugar Crisis

There are three main problems with consuming too much sugar: you eat too many calories, it contains almost no nutrients and provokes an insulin response (a fat storage hormone). The calories and total grams of carbs from high sugar foods add up faster than those from complex carbs like potatoes, beans and rice because:

* Sugar is an extremely concentrated carb source so it's easier to eat more calories at one sitting.

* Sugar tastes good. We overeat it out of enjoyment.

* Foods high in sugar are also often high in fat such as pastries, cookies and ice cream.

* Sugar is often consumed as beverages such as sodas and juices. One cola may have as many as 200 calories.

Sugar goes by many names to include fructose, honey, corn sweetener, maltose, high fructose corn syrup, granulated sugar, and glucose just to name a few. Each has the same amount of calories and little or no nutritional value. The only way to find out if these sugars are in the foods you eat is to read labels.

If you are a sugar addict and want to change your nutritional habits try eating the following with each meal.(Eating every 2-3 hours is recommended):

* A lean protein source

* Fruits and vegetables

* Complex carbs

* Healthy fats

These small changes will assist you with weight loss, regulate insulin levels and curb your sweet tooth.
Dr. Lanny Schaffer is an Exercise Physiologist and the President of The International Fitness Academy. Fot more cutting edge nutrition and fitness information go to

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