Let Food Be Your Medicine, and Your Medicine Be Your Food

How an amazingly simple idea could be your key to a lifetime of Total Health and Vitality ...

"Let Your Food Be Your Medicine, And Your Medicine Be Your Food."

We live in one of the most affluent, prosperous, and privileged societies the Earth has ever known. Yet, the overall health and physical well-being of the average American is far worse today than even a decade ago.

For instance:

- Over 66% of our nation's adults are overweight.*
- Almost 80 million adults have some form of cardiovascular disease.**
- 10 years ago, America had the 36th longest life expectancy in the world. Today, we rank 46th.***
- Many doctors now describe themselves as "sick care" providers, not health care providers.

These startling facts raise serious questions about our health as individuals and as a nation. And they're motivating many concerned American's to ask ...

"What can I do to protect myself and my family from this deadly cycle of sickness and disease?"

Some nutritionists believe the first step is to determine whether your body is in efficiency or survival mode.

Most people in our society consume plenty of calories. But if those calories are largely "empty" - meaning they contain little or no nutritional value - they will trigger the body's survival responses. So survival mode is caused by a lack of the essential nutrients your body needs to maintain proper health.

A body in survival mode may suffer low energy levels, decreased metabolism, high body fat levels, unbalanced hormone levels, and a decrease in lean skeletal muscle -- essentially a weak and inefficient "machine".

Efficiency is the state in which your body is getting what it needs, when it needs it. So your body receives the message that it is safe, that food and nutrition are abundant, and you're free to enjoy an active lifestyle.

A body in efficiency mode will enjoy youthful energy levels at any age, naturally increased metabolism, reduced or low body fat levels, more balanced hormone levels, and an increase in lean skeletal muscle - effectively a very strong and incredibly efficient "machine".

So your goal is to achieve a state of supreme efficiency and avoid lapsing back into survival mode.

But, to move forward, you may have to go backward ...

Doctor's have been treating the symptoms of disease for years ... and the result is our present state of deteriorating health. But what if you could change your starting point? In other words, rather than treat diseases and symptoms after they appear, why not attack the root cause of disease and poor health before they ever have a chance to develop?

That's where this simple concept ... "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" ... could provide the answer you've been looking for.

To enjoy living in efficiency mode, you need to follow a program that feeds your body on a cellular level. You must get the proper nutrients in proper form to defend, strengthen, and fortify the body before problems set in.

The Total Wellness and Vitality program from Herbalife delivers all the essential nutrients you need directly at the cellular level, creating a foundation for healthy living and providing all the tools necessary to achieve total lifelong wellness and vitality.

In addition, Herbalife's program helps shield and protect your cells against the harmful effects of stress, pollution, and environmental toxins.

Your simple 3-Stage Wellness and Vitality Program.

In Stage 1, you'll balance your body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, proteins, phytonutrients, and digestive support needed to send a positive message of change to all your body systems.

Stage 2 will address your unique, specific conditions based on your health history, genetics, and habits. The Targeted Nutrition product line will address your specific needs, from men's issues, women's issues, digestive issues, high cholesterol, skin care, more aggressive weight loss goals, and any other common conditions you may need to address.

And finally, at Stage 3, you'll enjoy the Total Wellness and Vitality that comes from committing to and following a sound cellular nutrition program. And it all starts with one simple idea: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."

For youthful energy, glowing skin, and optimum health, or for more information on starting your Total Wellness and Vitality Program, talk to your Herbalife representative today.

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United States, 2003-2004
** Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics - 2007 Update, American Heart Association
*** CIA - The World Factbook


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