The Incredible Blueberry

Every now and then a super food comes along that not only tastes good but is great for your health. Enter the blueberry. It is sweet, juicy, delicious and full of amazing health benefits like antioxidents, vitamin C, calcium, iron and fiber. Here are some of the ways blueberries keep you healthy:

1) Each blueberry contains a pigment called anthocyanin which is a potent antioxident that hunts down free radicals. Only half a cup of blueberries has the same amount of antioxidents as five servings of peas, apples, broccolli or carrots.

2) Cancer is often the result of free radicals gone astray. The potent antioxident power of blueberries makes them a good anti-cancer adjunct.

3) Free radicals also attack your heart and cause heart disease. Once more, the antioxident power of the blueberry comes to the rescue lowering the risk for heart disease.

4)Blueberries can help control blood sugar. Although previously used only as a folk remedy, scientists have actually found a link between blueberries and stabilized blood sugar levels.

5)Specific bacteria are often the cause of urinary tract infections and physicians tell their patients to drink cranberry juice. Well it appears that blueberries work as well or better. The antioxidents change the structure of the bacteria so they can no longer multiply.

6)Cutting edge research indicates that if you start eating blueberries you may be able to improve various psychological capabilities such as memory, speed of thought and eye-hand coordination. Even more important, if you are older you may be able to reverse some of these aging symptoms.

7)Blueberris can provide regularity in your diet. A cup provides about 15% of you daily requirement of fiber and it has an antidiarrheal effect.

To get the most out of your blueberries don't cook them as you lose some of the nutrients and antioxidents. Eat them fresh whenever possible. Look for plump, dark blueberries with no mold and use or freeze them in five days. Now that you've found a wonder food that tastes good and has super health benefits find a way to make blueberries a part of your diet and lifestyle everday.
Dr. Lanny Schaffer is an Exercise Physiologist and the President of The International Fitness Academy. For more cutting edge nutrition and fitness ideas go to

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