Importance of High Protein and Low Fat Diet

For most high protein diets means low carbohydrates. Even body builders are not advised to go on a low carbohydrate diet as they have high protein requirements. Protein are the main source of muscle building, cell replenish and maintaining a good level of blood. In other words, proteins are the main building block of a body. And those who are interested in high protein diet need to do it carefully to avoid loss of carbs.

The main advantage of a high protein diet is that it triggers weight loss. Proteins have amino acids in them which are the main reason of good health. If your body is deficient in amino acid then you are bound to have health issues. If your diet revolves around good intake of protein instead of refined foods with high carbohydrate concentration then the body will turn into a state of ketosis. In this state the body will turn towards burning fats as energy source when it will not find fuel in the form of carbohydrates. Thus lesser carbohydrates mean more burning of fats.

Researchers have shown that not all intakes of protein are helpful. Let's say that you are taking a vegetable that are rich with high proteins but they are fried and dripping in oil then they more harmful to your health then being of any health to your body.

Another very good source of proteins is meat. Meat like pork and beef are rich with proteins and other nutrients. Or if you are a lover of oily and fried foods then you can opt to eat fish and other seafood. The reason behind this is that these are not only rich with proteins but also have fatty acid in them that help you in maintaining a good blood cholesterol level as well as prevent such conditions as stroke or coronary artery diseases.

However, some experts claim that too much protein results in reduction of calcium supply in body and cause diseases like osteoporosis. Moreover, the efficiency of kidneys is reduced. A high consumption of proteins can cause kidney stones, by increasing uric acid levels in the body.


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