How I Cured My Dandruff

How long has it been since you could wear black in public?

I used to call mine 'Terminal Dandruff'. Nothing stopped it; and it was contagious. I would warn people not to 'borrow' my comb or brush.

As an interesting side note, I never had 'dandruff' until I used a 'Dandruff Shampoo' while traveling. It was only used it because it was all that was available.

This went on for years, actually 20 or more.

It went on until I discovered a common link with other seemingly unrelated minor maladies, and some maybe not so minor.

I know what you're saying; yeah, sure.

I had tried of course shampoos, specific shampoos for:
* Dandruff
* psoriasis
* seborrheic dermatitis
* eczema

I tried various Homeopathic treatments
* Oil of Oregano - Internal & Topical
* Primrose Oil
* Vinegar
* Coal Tar
* Deep Water Shark Oil

There were over time, hundreds of nutritional supplements tried, many of which seemed to effect a change.

The changes were usually temporary and ultimately disappointing.

Through prolonged research over years it became more obvious that this challenge may well be related to other symptoms. Most related symptoms were minor: innocuous skin irritations, various digestive disruptions, food allergies, minor aches and pains, brain fog, chronic fatigue etc. Many symptoms were accepted as part of 'getting older'. But I'm not old yet!

For a period of time food allergies became quite challenging. They eventually led to 2 years of allergen treatments using hypodermic needles. I had actually become allergic to everyday foods. Allergies to corn, wheat, rice, and dairy products mean there are few meals that you can eat without disturbing effects.

It became apparent that my 'Dandruff' was only a symptom of a more widespread underlying problem.

The research eventually brought me to develop sites and article repositories to bring this collected information together for access from one place. Many other sites describing seemingly unrelated symptoms can be accessed through these resources.

Our self-education continues.

I eventually began a regimen using some of the solutions explained on these sites, some in a daily regimen and some as needed. You can benefit from my long trial and error education avoiding the 'dead ends' and 'false starts'.

The first step, although seemingly unrelated is an intestinal purge. Followed by a comprehensive attack on the underlying pathology and then the regimen shows you how to maintain your newly restored health with its new possibilities.

Some of these supplement and nutritional programs require a membership, but don't require a purchase.

Check with your Physician and if acceptable to them, the regimen will have you feeling better than you thought you could feel again in a few months.

You will be able to maintain this new found level of health easily once attained.

P. S. It's time to take your life, energy and social life back. Are You Ready?

P. S. S. This is the First Step to your new outlook. Don't deny yourself the good health that you remember.

C. R. Ellsworth is retired and living in the 'Great North Woods'.
He's been involved in On-Line & Network Marketing since 2000.

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