How Glucosamine Can Help With Joint Pain

For those people who suffer from any form of arthritis and especially osteoarthritis and are now looking for ways to treat the effects of this condition through more natural and alternative ways, one such way is by increasing the amount of Glucosamine they consume. This particular substance is a type of amino sugar which our bodies create naturally and it is believed to help the cartilage found between our joints to be repaired or even to create new cartilage altogether. In fact many people who suffer from osteoarthritis have found this particular supplement to be extremely beneficial. They have found by increasing the amount of Glucosamine in their bodies often helps to alleviate the pain and other effects that are caused by osteoarthritis. Below we provide you with some further facts relating to Glucosamine that you may find interesting.

There are many claims being made about the benefits of taking glucosamine to help halt, cure or reverse the effects associated with arthritis. However it is vital that before a person starts using this kind of supplement they discuss the matter with their doctor first.

Research that has been carried out on glucosamine has shown that the body absorbs it and then attaches it to the cartilage of the body. But some researchers believe that by ingesting further amounts of glucosamine on top of what the body already produces naturally may make it much harder for their body to process blood sugar. So if you suffer from any kind of ailment including diabetes where your body is already having difficulty producing sufficient amounts of blood sugar then you should speak to your doctor first before you start taking it.

Often when looking for glucosamine supplements whether it be online or in your local health food store you may have to look for it under the title of "cartilage rebuilder". The reason for this being that because glucosamine is actually a component which helps to build up and repair cartilage in the body.

As you will soon discover when carrying out further research into glucosamine it has become an extremely popular alternative treatment for osteoarthritis. But as well as it being used by humans to treat joint problems it is also used by many veterinarians for treating animals as well. This particular substance works in both humans and animals by helping the body increase its production of glycosamine glycans (GAG) and these are essential to ensure that the structure of the cartilage in the body remains strong. In fact GAG is a very important nutrient that our bodies require and which helps with the growth of new cartilage.

Glucosamine is produced by extracting it from the shells of crabs, lobster or shrimps and is sold either as a dietary or nutritional supplement. The glucosamine is extracted from the chitin (found in the shell of the fish) and is a carbohydrate. People who have an allergic reaction to shellfish may find that they do not have any whatsoever when they use glucosamine as a supplement. This is because it is the protein in the flesh of the shellfish which causes them to have an allergic reaction. Although most of the glucosamine supplements we see today have been extracted from shellfish there are now alternative ways of this particular substance being produced. Some of the supplements you can purchase today have been made by extraction from corn after it has been fermented using fungi.

The problem with glucosamine is that people can not obtain it from the foods that they eat. The only real way to increase the amount of glucosamine a person ingests is through taking a supplement. But of all the supplements available the ones that contain glucosamine sulfate are the most popular as it is believed these ones are the most effective in helping to repair and produce new cartilage. The glucosamine sulfate supplement can be even more effective if a person were to take it with Vitamin C, Manganese and Chondroitin as well.

As glucosamine is in fact an amino sugar it is important that people who suffer from diabetes who are taking this supplement will need to make sure that their blood sugar levels are checked regularly.

Unfortunately as we grow older our bodies begin to degenerate and our joints start to stiffen up reducing our ability to move as freely. This is because the joints within the body begin to wear down and the cartilage around them can not be effectively replaced. This can then lead to people suffering from certain conditions such as osteoarthritis, and in some people this can be quite a debilitating condition, making it much more difficult for them to lead what would be considered a normal life. However supplements that contain glucosamine are now being used by many people suffering form arthritis or just general joint pain and stiffness in order to help slow down the process and also ease the pain that they are feeling.

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