A Good Heart Doesn't Come From Bad Food

50% of men will die from heart failure... maybe more by the time you read this. In this day and age heart disease is rampant. Sad but true... the eating habits of many people these days are literally killing them. Watch what you eat.

It doesn't matter what type of 'shape' you are in. Everyone needs to be cognizant of what they eat and what type of diet they are involved in on a daily basis. Your health and your diet should be a priority. Let's take a look at some of the foods that, if you're serious about your health, you should stay away from.

I think that some people use them in place of lard and actually think it is better for them. If you are making a pie crust or something, skip the shortening and use the lard.

One way to think about these types of foods is to consider the shelf life that they have. They have an incredible shelf life. Consider for a moment how tough it is going to be for your body to break these down.

Then there are deep fried foods. Run like the wind away from these. There are far too many medical risks related to fried foods to mention in this article, so it is safe to say that by eating this type of food, you put yourself at a higher risk.

One type of food that you may not have given much thought to is the type of flour that you buy. Refined flour... the really white stuff has been bleached and had other types of processes applied to it to get it that way. As a result of this, most of the beneficial nutrients that you think your are getting... you aren't. Stick with whole wheat products.

And while we are on the subject of color... go with brown rice instead of white. It has all the good nutrients of white rice and more. If you just can't seem to get into eating the brown rice, at least mix it in with the white rice, then gradually increase the ratio of brown to white over time.

Here is a no brainer that I shouldn't have to mention... sugar. I shouldn't have to mention it, but clearly, it needs mention. Way too much sugar consumed in foods these days. Next time you reach for your next sweet treat or your favorite can of soda, remember fructose is a building block, a foot hold, for cholesterol.

Be very wary of canned products such as soups. On those chilly days we all like to heat up a comfortable bowl of soup. But be mindful, most all canned soups are just loaded with salt. If you get an urge for a nice bowl of soup, stop by your local deli and grab a quart to go... it will have less salt than canned soups and taste infinitely better.

While we're on the subject the same holds true for any type of canned meat as well. These too are loaded with salt. With canned meats and soups, be sure to check the label and at least seek out those that are low in salts and sodium.

On a final note... if you are a parent, you of all people should be vigilant in establishing good eating habits for your kids. Snack packs and lunchables are loaded with fat. Eating habits and as such cravings are established at a very young age. And the longer they are left to develop, the more difficult this type of eating cycle is to break. Don't believe me, just take a look around. Obesity and heart failures are on the rise... it's not because people are getting too much exercise and eating right.

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