Afraid of the Fat?

Do you think that to lose fat you can't eat any? Or how about those sayings "eat fat and get fat". While they sound logical because fats have a high number of calories they're not entirely true. Here's a few fat facts about fat consumption and weight gain:

* There are some essential fatty acids called the omega-3's which have actually been shown to aid in weight loss.

* Fat is essential to our health so cutting it out entirely is not recommended. In general avoid hard fat and animal fats and choose liquid fats and oils. These still have calories but you need some of the good fats for optimal health. About 25% of your total dietary intake should come from fat.

* Each gram of fat has 9 calories. Proportion your quota of needed fats accordingly.

* Eat some fat with each meal. It will make you fuller and steady insulin, a hormone which helps store fat.

* Another essential fatty acid called alpha lipoic acid also has been shown to aid in weight loss.

* Fat in general will steady insulin levels. If you have one of those carb attacks eat something with a little fat in it and it will slow down that insulin spike that facilitates fat storage.

As you can see the saying "eat fat get fat" isn't totally true. Eating fat doesn't automatically become fat cells on your body. In fact, choosing the right kind of fats and adjusting the timing of your fat intake should help you with your fat reduction goals.
Dr. Lanny Schaffer is an Exercise Physiologist and President of The International Fitness Academy. For more health, nutrition and fitness information go to


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