Healthy Body Maintenance

I've always seen the human body as an incredible device that we use to move through the objective reality. Our subjective mind (the one in charge) moves the body through the objective world and insures the we reach our destination in a relaible manner. Just like any other well oiled machinery we have to insure that we maintaine a healthy body that we can count on.

We regularly take care of our automobiles; we service the oil, cycle the antifreeze, and occasionally check the pressures in our tires. Without a reliable automobile that we can count on we would simply be left dead on our tracks. Knowing the importance of reliable transportation we take great measure to ensure that we perform preventative maintenance.

Our bodies (the vehicle) tend to take a beating as the years go by; we work long hours, devour large amounts of fat and sugar, disregard proper excercise and are exposed to all kinds of carcinogens. We make great efforts to tend to the obvious, like our teeth and vision. Unfortunately, we neglect the intangibles.

Years go by and so one day you wake up - with bright healthy teeth - experiencing unusual discomfort and body aches, so you go to the doctor only to find out that you have some form of degenerative disease. And so you find yourself wondering why this happened thus spending countless hours visiting the doctor and popping pills that create other side effects.

So how do we prevent this type of scenario? Very simple... daily exercise like walking and a proper nutritional diet. If you don't have the time to take all the daily recommended nutrients then get a liquid phytonutrient - phytonutrient drinks are an excellent way to get all the the daily recommended nutrients that come from fruits and vegetables.

By persistantly practicing a daily preventative maintenance program you can establish a strong body and deflect debilitating diseases that could pose a serious problems for you as you get older.


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